Essen, Germany, 18.12.2012: "Full Bath in Opulent Sounds in Major" (Essen Philharmonics)

Bhawani Moennsad's mezzosoprano exuded regularity and beauty.

Erlangen, 10.04.2012: "Beyond the Common - Overwhelming St. John's Passion"

Bhawani Moennsad is a highlight as she performs with great intimacy.

Pegnitz, 10.11.2011: "International Singer Enthuses Audience"

German-Indian singer presents her proficiency, beauty and charme with elegance and grace.

Potsdam, 11.07.2009: "Full of Brewing Passions - Cavalleria Rusticana"

Bhawani Moennsad sings the role of Mamma Lucia with a noble voice.

Potsdam, 15.12.2008: "Bach/Christmas Oratorio"

Alto Bhawani Moennsad elated the audience with arias sung with great ardency and expressiveness.

Potsdam, 25.11.2008: "Duruflé/Requiem

Bhawani Moennsad applied brilliant accents in the belcanto manner with noble and pliant mezzo singing."Pie Jesu"

Wiesbaden, 18.11.2008: "Mozartconcert with Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz under Catherine Rueckwart"

Bhawani Moennsad exhibited Mozart's "Parto! Parto!" with warm passion.

Heidelberg, 30.09.2008: "Mendelssohn-Bartholdy/Eliah"

Excellent: a warmly gleaming, svelt and expressive alto part by Bhawani Moennsad.

Berlin, 21.07.2008: "Bizet/Carmen"

Notable pleasure through Carmen and Micaela: the title role sung by Bhawani Moennsad. The beautiful woman is endued with an infatuating, beautiful voice:
her warm but powerful and clear mezzosoprano offered a captivating Carmen which outshined everyone.

Berlin, 20.07.2008: "Bizet/Carmen - Knowing is Female"

Bhawani Moennsad fills the role of Carmen with her warm, delightfully attracting mezzosoprano.
Both star of Sevilla and the evening, she embodies female knowledge and mystery.

Amberg, 03.04.2007: "Mendelssohn-Bartholdy/Eliah - Standing Ovations for a Splendid Oratorio"

Bhawani Moennsad presents her part with beauty. Standing ovations by a grateful audience for this sensational event.

Heidelberg, 03.2008: "Rossini/Stabat Mater"

Heartfelt, beautiful singing paired with brilliant two-voiced coloraturas - statutory restrained, infatuatingly euphonic Bhawani Moennsad.

Nuremberg, 09.10.2006: "Shostakowitch Recital"

Mezzosoprano Bhawani Moennsad elated the audience with a flair for concealed levels of meaning and emotional presence, which were given with confidence
by her elastic, warmly grounded and versatile voice: great applause.

Bavaria, 31.07.2006: "Mozart & New Music"

Mezzosoprano Bhawani Moennsad convinced with powerful, dark, sensuous and exquisitely elastic voice, performing dramatically and differenciated
both Kraus-Huebner's "Rhapsody Cantabile" and Mozart's famous aria "Parto! Parto".

Amberg, 17.03.2005: "Bach Cantatas"

A distinguished impression by German-Indian Bhawani Moennsad. Her wonderfully velvet, melodical alto and great empathy fascinated and led to emotional intensity.